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  Residential Services
Whole House Generators
7KW - 45KW generators to power your entire home and make you feel like there was no hurricane at all!
Portable Generators
Portable generators up to 17.5KW will provide you with enough power for your essentials.
Manual Transfer Switches
The best companion for your portable generator. No more extension cords, one plug powers all!
  Commercial Services
Commercial Generators
20KW - 150KW industrial grade generators to guarantee your business productivity and up-time!
Security Cameras/DVR
Secure your workplace by recording and monitoring from any computer on the Internet.
Access Control Systems
Control, monitor and record access to your facilities by using our Internet PC based access control systems.
  Technology Services
Data & Telecom Cabling
Let us "untangle" your company and let your information flow freely at optimal speeds - the way it was designed to do.
Data-Center Solutions
Specializing in data-center design, our engineers can help create new data centers or optimize existing ones to ensure power redundancy, proper cooling and air circulation, equipment placement, and proper planning for future growth.

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